Inordinate ੮૯८Һ Savvy*

I am a reliable, knowledgeable, efficient Programmer and Web developer with over 4 years of applicable experience. I value my clients and am committed to providing unparalleled service and completing any job correctly. My craftsman style workmanship has earned me several recognitions from previous employers in regards to being professional, and thorough. I possess superior organization, communication, and problem resolution skills, which have fueled my success in the field. I am trustworthy and dependable, and I value the reputation of my employer and the satisfaction of my customers above all else.

💻 I'm a programmer not by training but by vocation, 😹 Jokes a lot and ❤️ Good music.

Professional history

I started to "play" with codes in early 2014 landed a job professionally in a creative and web development agency in 2017.

Greencycle Ventures Africa (Sept. 2017 - Jul. 2018)

Major role as a web developer. Created website layouts and designed graphic materials for this organisation. Monitored website statistics and worked on perfomance improvements.

Yelocode Systems (Feb. 2019 - July 2019)

Web Developer and Technical specialist. built web applications, conducted classes for beginners and taught them how to write better reusable programmes. Test, install and maintained hardwares associated with computer systems for this organisation.

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